Young Designer (from the age of 8)


Who is this course for?

This course is for your child, if she is:

  • She is a talented girl who wants to draw fashion sketches, create collections, sew products of simple cut and restore things.
  • She wants to develop her imagination, creativity and the ability to render her  ideas on paper, as well as for setting her wardrobe and selection of the necessary fashion clothings.
  • She wants to become a designer, a seamstress or an illustrator.

What makes us different?

It is the opportunity to start from early childhood (from 8 years of age), which makes it possible to develop creativity, perseverance and responsibility in the child, as well as to teach new skills such as drawing and sewing. Indeed, in the modern world it is so important to instill and cultivate in the child a sense of taste, style and the “YOUNG DESIGNER” course will fully contribute to this!

For those girls who dream of connecting their lives with the sphere of design, fashion and sewing, the course will be the first fundamental step for further education.

What will your child learn in this course:

  • How to draw well, create incredible images and realistic and compositionally well-designed sketches.
  • The basics of sewing and sewing simple garments, as well as restore items of her wardrobe.
  • How to set herself up for success by setting actionable goals using diligence and perseverance developed during the study course.
  • The basics of style and image, the science of color design and costume history, learn how to choose things for setting a wardrobe and color compositions for a fashionable interior.

Upon the completion of a course, she will be able to design her future fashion collection!


LAURA DESIGN school is the authorial project created by designer Laura Bazarbayevna, who is the leader and motivator of the entire school team. She is very experienced and ambitious woman, who has succeeded in Fashion industry in a short time. She had an internship in Paris. Due to that internship practice, “Laura Fashion Design School”  works in collaboration with foreign companies; it gives the school an opportunity to assist students in entering Higher educational institutions in abroad as well as in preparation for international examinations, such as IELTS or TOEFl.

Laura has also designed the first authorial method in Kazakhstan, which is based on drawing female patterns that fits the customer at first try-on.

In addition to that, she created her own method on drawing fashion-illustrations. “LAURA FASHION DESIGN SCHOOL” is the only school with a comprehensive approach in a country, which comprises every aspect of fashion-business:

  • Art sketch
  • Technical drawing
  • Basics of dress-making
  • Styling
  • Method of pattern making on a mannequin (pattern draping method), which practiced in world leading fashion houses
  • Marketology in Fashion
  • To run a fashion business

The "YOUNG DESIGNER" course is specially designed for girls from the age of 8, its authoring program allows you to master new  and interesting skills in a fun way.

Attentive and caring tutors of our school adore children, and they will be happy to share their knowledge and skills with young designers!

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