Self Styling



Do you want to change your image, but does not know how to do that? Want to learn how to put on make-up? Stylists and make-up artists of «Laura Design School» will help you to change your look totally and emphasize your own style.

“Transformation” project was developed to make every girl and woman feel truly beautiful. Each of us would definitely like to learn how to love and be in balance within yourself.

Professional specialists of «Laura Design School» are leading classes of “Transformation” course. You will learn how to find your own style and do shopping, how to style your hair and apply make-up.

 “Transformation” course will be of great help for every woman who wants to be beautiful and confident. You will learn how to organize your wardrobe and apply make-up professionally, how to emphasize your beauty with right outfits and make-up. When you are in harmony with your look, you inner state will also be at peace.

During our classes on “Transformation” course you will find out how to do shopping in boutiques. Professional stylists will tell you about body types and how to figure out which type you are. You will identify what clothing styles, which types of fabric and accessories suit you and which are not.

Upon completion of the course you will find out the secrets of successful shopping. You will save your time and money in boutiques and buy only those things which absolutely suit you. Your budget will be saved from needless purchases!

Make-up artists will share beauty tips on skin and hair care and help you to identify your skin tone, teach you how to emphasize and enhance your natural beauty and hide some flaws. You will learn how to apply morning and evening make-up and look gorgeous in everywhere!

Cost of the course: 35 000 tg

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