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Laura Ibrasheva, the director and instructor of «Laura Design School»: “No matter what happens, keep going toward your dreams!”

She is a founder of "Laura Fashion Design School " and a student of Brian Tracy. She is the author of the first methodics on Fashion Sketching and female pattern designing in Kazakhstan. Laura had an internship in Paris and graduated “Re style” school in Moscow majoring in “Image maker-stylist”. She studied "Business leaders" marketology course. She is a welcomed quest to TV shows of Kazakhstani channels as Kazakhstan, Evraziya and Khabar. She is a dedicated instructor with many successful students across the world.

We do not teach only Kazakhstani students, but those coming from many other cities as Yakutia, St.Petersburg and etc. Many of my students continue their education abroad and keep improving their skills and work in foreign companies. With the assistance of our school everyone can enrol in a desired university or college course and it might be specialties other than Fashion. We work in collaboration with Promostyl international style and trand office.

We do not just teach YOU, but promote Your business. We have the best team ever!

I was good at drawing since I was a kid. I loved drawing fashion sketches and create royal outfits for them. I knew that my calling was that of designer and I would keep designing and creating fashion outfits in future. I graduated from Design Course and got a Bachelor’s degree in Design. During my study course I participated in various competitions and ranked top places. I had internships under the leadership of experienced designers. After the graduation from university I struggled with finding a job in Design, because of the lack of experience.

I was able to come up with style, mix and match colours, but it was not enough to be considered as a professional. So, then I decided to work as an intern in one very prestigious atelier in order to gain experience in professional dressmaking. Having gained experience, I have worked in “Pavel” famous atelier and “Jaka Fashion” fashion house in Almaty. Then, I headed to our capital city. I worked in Students’ Palace as designer-instructor and I enjoyed teaching very much. All of my students excelled in our designing classes and were quick to learn new thing everyday. They  helped to understand that teaching is my dream job. I opened up «Laura Design School» in 2 May 2012. For now «Laura Design School» has many young designers graduated from our courses. Many of our students enrolled the university courses in England, South Korea, Italy and etc., as well as started up their own businesses.

I dreamed about becoming a designer from my very childhood. There were a lot of difficulties on my way, but kept telling myself that there were only bright future waiting for me and I confidently walked toward my goal.  “If you want to live - survive, if you want to achieve something in life - manage to get up, dust off and go on!” - this is my life motto. I invite you to the school of design "Laura Design School" and promise to share with you all my knowledge and skills!

Ibrasheva Laura Bazarbayevna, Founder of “Laura” Fashion Design School

Ani Minosyan Marketing Specialist of "Laura Design School" 

I, Ani Serobovna Minosyan, was born in 02.11.91 . I am from Armenia. I studied Business Leadership in ASEU during 2008-2014. In 2014 I entered IATC in Armenia. I studied batik drawing courses to become an artist and designing courses in Zatik studio at the same time. I worked for well-known boutiques and brands and also worked as a teacher! I moved to Astana in 2017. In 2018 I started studying in Laura Fashion Design School and then was offered a job in position of Marketing Specialist.

Dinara Mazhitova Fashion illustrator, Image maker and Stylist

I graduated “Fine Arts and Drawing” course of Humanitarian College in Astana in 2007

I ended up designing course and got a certificate of“Graphic artist”at the same year

I studied in “Basic dress-making course” of  Laura Desing School in 2017

I studied “Self Styling” course under the leadership of Alyia Bimagambetova who is the Kazakhstani image maker and stylist.

I studied “Stylist-image maker” course at the “School of Fashion Professions”
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