Insight into the FASHION industry

What is included in a program:

  • Theoretical basics on running a company of seamstresses and designers
  • Apparel designing workshop
  • Revealing personal strengths
  • Ideas for your brand label
  • Branding
  • Marketing/Business plan
  • Creating moodboards

What you learn:

  • To get ready-to-sell sketches for your future collection;
  • to choose the right fabric for your garment;
  • to design moodboards for creating exclusive garments;
  • how to design and sell your product;
  • how to make deals with customers;
  • the insights of the garment designing.

You can take internships in Fashion in any country of the world, as well as in other areas at an additional charge.

You can also get assistance of leading specialists of Kazakhstan in your business running.

If you wish to enter the world market, we have partners from Paris with a guaranteed results!

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