Garment repair service


Are your favorite garments looking a bit worn-out?

Bewildered about how to sew on missing buttons, close small tears, and alter an outfit to fit your personal proportions? 

Need to fix a zipper?

Need to hem the sleeves or pants?

Are not you satisfied with the quality of your garment?

Welcome to LAURA DESIGN!

Team members of LAURA DESIGN are not only tailoring experts, but experienced instructors of Design courses..

Seamstresses of LAURA DESIGN have been sewing collections and famous brand garments, so you do not need to worry about the quality of repaired garments.  

Sufficient number of specialists will save your time and make the repair service as soon as possible.

Atelier provides garment repair for the most reasonable prices, so you can easily afford it!

If the garment can not be refinished, we will let you know without taking charge for it.

Our address is BC Alma-Ata, 5 floor, office 512.  

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If you have any questions to our specialists, feel free to contact us!

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LAURA DESIGN school is the authorial project created by designer Laura Bazarbayevna, who is the leader and the source of inspiration for entire school team. She is very experienced and ambitious woman, who has succeeded in Fashion industry in a short time. She had an internship in Paris. Due to that internship practice, “Laura Fashion Design School”  works in collaboration with foreign companies; so it gives the school an opportunity to assist students in entering Higher educational institutions in abroad as well as in preparation for international examinations, such as IELTS or TOEFl.

 Laura designed the first authorial method in Kazakhstan, which is based on drawing female patterns that fits the customer at first try-on.

In addition to that, she created her own method on drawing fashion-illustrations. “LAURA FASHION DESIGN SCHOOL” is the only school with a comprehensive approach in a country, which comprises every aspect of fashion-business:

  • Art sketch
  • Technical drawing
  • Basics of dress-making
  • Styling
  • Method of pattern making on a mannequin (pattern draping method), which practiced in world leading fashion houses
  • Marketology in Fashion
  • To run a fashion business


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