Fashion sketching and Technical drawing in business

Who is this course for?

  • If you are a tailoress, you need to know how to to render visual pattern to a technical drawing for further sewing process and use the fashion sketch designed for a client for this. If you would like to start up fashion-business, you will definitely need to be aware of basics of technical drawing, otherwise, you will not be able to design clothing having only painting pattern or sketch.
  • This course will be helpful for those students, who would like to complete not only fashion-sketchingclasses – the first stage of dressmaking, but also technical drawing – the next stage of designing clothing and collections.  
  • If you have already been practicing fashion-sketching, illustrations, pattern-making and want to gain more knowledge, master your skills and benefit from it as well as make it easier to deal with customers, you will find this course useful to achieve it.
  • It is crystal clear that the customer feel more comfortable working with one multi-skilled designer rather than hiring different professional on technical drawing.


Skills and knowledge gained during the course will enable you to draw sketches more professionally and precisely, make tailors and pattern cutters’ job, you and your customers’ negotiations easier as well as enable you to see the full picture of an idea starting from fashion sketching and ending up with dressmaking process.

Why is the technical drawing so important?

Technical drawing (or technical sketching) is a garment drawing with all the specifics of a model shown by using base-line grid to highlight a neck, chest, waist, hips and central axis. It allows to reach accurate calculation of distance between joints and details.

The aim of creating a technical drawing is correct rendering body proportions and detailed model sketching.  Цель создания технического рисунка - правильная передача пропорций, детальная прорисовка модели. It implies the depiction of not only front and back view, but also of the side and reverse view.

What makes it different from Fashion Illustration course?

Technical drawing is a bridge between the visual idea of a design and a design concept for the cloth styling.

The design sketch is a quickly executed, freehand drawing that is usually not intended as a finished work. In general, sketching is a quick way to record an idea for later use. What is important in here is that rendering a posture, accessories and multi-layers of a dress. However, there is a risk of a design sketch to become overloaded with details, decorations or coloring, when you transfer the sketching into the technical drawing. Thus, it is crucial to do a technical drawing to bring to life certain models, design a construction and a clothing.


LAURA DESIGN school is the authorial project created by designer Laura Bazarbayevna, who is the leader and motivator of the entire school team. She is very experienced and ambitious woman, who has succeeded in Fashion industry in a short time. She had an internship in Paris. Due to that internship practice, “Laura Fashion Design School”  works in collaboration with foreign companies; it gives the school an opportunity to assist students in entering Higher educational institutions in abroad as well as in preparation for international examinations, such as IELTS or TOEFl.

 Laura designed the first authorial method in Kazakhstan, which is based on drawing female patterns that fits the customer at first try-on.

In addition to that, she created her own method on drawing fashion-illustrations. “LAURA FASHION DESIGN SCHOOL” is the only school with a comprehensive approach in a country, which comprises every aspect of fashion-business:

  • Art sketch
  • Technical drawing
  • Basics of dress-making
  • Styling
  • Method of pattern making on a mannequin (pattern draping method), which practiced in world leading fashion houses
  • Marketology in Fashion
  • To run a fashion business

«FASHION-SKETCHING AND TECHNICAL DRAWING FOR BUSINESS»  course is held by professional artist and stylist, so it gives you a chance to learn how to design fashion sketches as well as how to design a drawing stylistically correct.  

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