Fashion print designing



If you spot a talent and passion in handcrafting, drawing or sewing in your child, try to nurture it!

Even If she does not choose it as her profession for future, gained skills and knowledge will be only for good in her life! Your child will become more diligent, hardworking, sociable and it will broaden her horizons and develop imagination. And also she will learn to draw well, create amazing outfits, design compositional and well-designed sketches. Apart from that, your child will learn a lot about human anatomy and body proportions as well as about style and image, colour science and the history of costume. Upon the completion of a course she will be able to design her future fashion collection! The Art is the best way to nurture the talent and persistence in your child!

It is very important to recognize a talent in your child on time. The every child is gifted they just unwrap their packages at different times. Even If a little student does not become a designer, tailor, fitter and etc., this creativity course will be an impetus for the imagination development, becoming hardworking, diligent and  self-disciplined. The child will learn to value handcrafts and man-made work and never do things by halves.

All the skills will be of great help to enroll in Higher educational course. Studying “Young Designer” course will turn to the milestone, which will help to develop the sense of responsibility in your child.

  • Exercises for imagination development are very significant part of an education which develops the ability to think creatively, inspire with new ideas and teaches not to be afraid of thinking differently!
  • The child will learn to draw, because we need to draw a pattern on a paper before creating a real outfit! Learning to draw means mastering the ability of self-expression and being able to show your ideas to others through the pictures, activating the right hemisphere of the brain and make it work, express your both positive and negative emotions on canvas!
  • Sewing is the most interesting and creative process ever, young student will be able to design easy cut patterns and sew them on her own! It is very useful skill for a lady in future!
  • Attentive and compassionate instructors of “Laura” Fashion Design School absolutely adore kids and will be pleased to share knowledge and skills with them!

COST: 25 000 tg.

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