Fashion illustration



Professional designer is the one, who has mastered a skill to present a fashion model in a visual form perfectly, so every client would like to see it in her wardrobe just by looking at the illustration!

 Fashion-Illustration course is a real catch, because it will help you to bring to life amazing  ideas and projects! During the study course, we draw immense number of sketches and use various kind of techniques starting from pencil drawing to water-color drawing. Our students easily learn how to draw creative and exclusive sketches: to draw pretty models with proportional body and long legs… The dress that you design will perfectly fit to those models! Moreover, you will be able to render texture on the illustration. You will learn to apply the texture of not only light fabrics as silk, but of those tricky types of fabric as cotton and neoprene. The study course was projected according to the methodics of Laura Bazarbaeyevna, the founder of in 2013! Using hand-drawing with “finger technique” you will definitely master the fashion sketching in a very short period of time!


  • 1 month.This course is designed for those, who does not intend to study illustration course in details, but wants to figure out how to render the main idea on sketches clearly and precisely. By the end of a course, you will be able to design beautiful fashion sketches. Besides, you will master skill of drawing, such apparels as a dress, trousers, coat, jacket, blouse, suit, skirt and etc. This course is for those, who desires to draw for themselves!  
  • 3 months.3 month advanced study course also includes drawing fashion sketches, cloth designing techniques and rendering texture on the sketch, but all of them in a deeper and intensive projection. It results very detailed pattern with accessories, such as  hats, bags and etc. This course is the best option for future designers and stylists, who want to succeed in this field. It is obvious that one needs to render the idea on the sketch as professional as possible and to reach this level he needs to master the art of illustration.

Cost: 50 000 tg (group classes), 150 000 tg (Individual classes)
Cost for kids up to 17 years: 35 000 tg (group classes). 3 month advanced course 105 000 tg (individually).
Pay online and get the course for kids for 28 000 tg instead of 35 000 tg and for adults for 40 000 tg 50 000 tg
Groups up to 5 students
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