Fashion Designer


Who is this course for?

 This course is for you if:

  • You are an aspiring designer, who creates or wants to create daily ready-to-wear collections. You will learn peculiarities of female, male and child anatomy, which let you to design the garment on a body stance without formulas and patterns.
  • You are proficient tailor, who knows how to sew the garment and want to learn how to create “haute couture” garments to level up in a career.
  • You are an atelier’s owner, who wants to make high-quality, expensive individual offers and bring to life the most creative and fascinating designing

How is “Fashion Designer” course different?

During our classes, you will learn the basic techniques of creating patterns without lengthy measurements and learn designing directly on the mannequin to create original creative model that will greatly simplify and speed up the sewing.

The course includes both theoretical and practical classes. Performing practical tasks, you embody several original models and prepare them for sewing, learn to work with different types of fabrics and understand the specifics, and then be able to apply this knowledge in your job.

The schedule for classes is completely up to you, you choose the most convenient time for training, which is carried out individually only.

What you get from a course?

Once you complete the entire course, you will be able to create templates that will provide an accurate and perfect fit on the figure in a few minutes. You will be able to render creative ideas into real products, worth up to $ 300,000.


LAURA DESIGN school is the authorial project created by designer Laura Bazarbayevna, who is the leader and motivator of the entire school team. She is very experienced and ambitious woman, who has succeeded in Fashion industry in a short time. She had an internship in Paris. Due to that internship practice, “Laura Fashion Design School”  works in collaboration with foreign companies; it gives the school an opportunity to assist students in entering Higher educational institutions in abroad as well as in preparation for international examinations, such as IELTS or TOEFl.

 Laura designed the first authorial method in Kazakhstan, which is based on drawing female patterns that fits the customer at first try-on.

In addition to that, she created her own method on drawing fashion-illustrations. “LAURA FASHION DESIGN SCHOOL” is the only school with a comprehensive approach in a country, which comprises every aspect of fashion-business:

  • Art sketch
  • Technical drawing
  • Basics of dress-making
  • Styling
  • Method of pattern making on a mannequin (pattern draping method), which practiced in world leading fashion houses
  • Marketology in Fashion
  • To run a fashion business

«FASHION DESIGNER»  course is held in individual basis for each student and includes immense number of practical classes that advances the effectiveness of a course study.

Cost: 100 000 tg/a month. If you have basic designing knowledge
2 hour classes twice a week
If you are just starting out, you can also join us!
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