Fashion Business



WHAT IS FASHION BUSINESS? Firstly, it is hard work, which implies creating a new brand as well as the dressmaking process for the same brand.
Nowadays the Fashion industry of Kazakhstan is growing by each passing day. There are new national design boutiques, fashion showrooms, ateliers, stores, fashion houses and etc. No doubts that only well-heeled could afford designer apparel in the past, but Kazakhstani purchasing power has recently grown and everyone can afford a famous brand dress! Currently, apparels of Kazakhstani designer’s label or designed for individual request, which is to say, are nothing like an attractive item for a purchase! Therefore, business based on this industry is definitely beneficial!

This course is made up for those who would like to create their own brands, run the fashion houses and ateliers with both bespoke and mass market tailoring and design studio.

To run the business which is supposed to make a profit, it is crucial to know the insights of the industry. How to present your ideas to the client, so he will like it? How to keep track of your seamstress’s expenses on fabric? How to adjust the pattern during tailoring? How to prevent your employees cheating at work? Apply to our “Fashion Business” course and you will find the answers to all the questions above!

• You will not only learn the Fashion business insights, but try hand in designing, styling, illustrations, tailoring, constructing and etc.
• You will learn how to draw sketches, even if it is your first try in drawing
• You will be able to transfer texture specifics to the sketches as well as recognizing necessary fabric for a dress or suit. You will know more about the process of dressmaking.
• You will bring to life apparels of your own fashion sketches

It is an amazing course, which will make a perfect leader out of you! You will become more experienced specialist who is aware of the insights of production!

«Laura» Fashion Design School welcomes you to enrol the “Fashion Business” course to give the opportunity to novice designers to get into the Fashion industry and start up a business .

What is in the course:

  • Theoretical basics on running a company of seamstresses and designers
  • Apparel designing workshop
  • Revealing personal strengths
  • Ideas for your brand label
  • Branding
  • Marketing/Business plan


  • Studying basics of designing with professional instructors by creating your own mini-collection;
  • Investigating fashion trends, colors, texture, technics and designing fashion sketches;
  • All materials are provided;
  • In the heart of Paris;
  • Every item made during the course will be yours;
  • Certificates will be granted at the end of a course.

The course program includes in it:

    • 1,5 month of study course with instructors of the «Laura Design School»;
    • 4,5 month of studying with marketing professional;

((Marketing specialist will be registered as a freelance worker who works directly with you. During your collaboration with marketology, specialist he/she will assist you in dealing with any difficulties in work. He will attend job interviews for your new employees. He will guide you in business as well as assist you in running business and teach you to promote it in market.))

  • Internship in Paris. It lasts one week. It covers housing, tuition, breakfast and a certificate by the end of it. Transportation, visa, lunch and dinner are not included in a course price.

The main privilege of “Fashion Business” course is that of opportunity for future owners of fashion ateliers and studios to develop skills in projecting business strategies beside from a creative part of study. It means all the graduates will find out about every step of fashion-business and gain skills, which will be of great importance in their entrepreneurial activities.

Cost: 3 000 000 tg
It includes: Tuition fees in our Design school
Studying with marketology professional and his assistance
Internship in Paris

Classes are held individually for each student

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