Bespoke tailoring

Are you a Fashion Illustrator and wish to bring to life your best patterns and sketches?

Are you a stylish woman and wish to look flawless and elegant unlike any other woman?

Difficult to find YOUR dress in a store shelves?

Want your dress to fit you perfectly?


What is the advantage of bespoke tailoring service in LAURA DESIGN?

Seamstresses and cutters with a great deal of experience in not only sewing, but also in teaching will sew your desired piece of garment with all the professionalism and diligence.

Our specialists possess the technique of modeling on a mannequin, which allows to implement the most complex cut.

We use Italian fabrics in LAURA DESIGN atelier, so you can easily find the right fabric for yourself or order the necessary fabric from our partners and be sure in the quality and authenticity of the material.

Our specialists are able to transfer the fashion sketch to the technical drawing for the better display of the garment and its further tailoring.

LAURA DESIGN specialists are engaged not only in tailoring, but also in teaching students  at LAURA FASHION DESIGN school, therefore,  we use the most advanced techniques and secrets of cutting and sewing.

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LAURA DESIGN school is the authorial project created by designer Laura Bazarbayevna, who is the leader and motivator of the entire school team. She is very experienced and ambitious woman, who has succeeded in Fashion industry in a short time. She had an internship in Paris. Due to that internship practice, “Laura Fashion Design School”  works in collaboration with foreign companies; it gives the school an opportunity to assist students in entering Higher educational institutions in abroad as well as in preparation for international examinations, such as IELTS or TOEFl.

 Laura designed the first authorial method in Kazakhstan, which is based on drawing female patterns that fits the customer at first try-on.

In addition to that, she created her own method on drawing fashion-illustrations. “LAURA FASHION DESIGN SCHOOL” is the only school with a comprehensive approach in a country, which comprises every aspect of fashion-business:

  • Art sketch
  • Technical drawing
  • Basics of dress-making
  • Styling
  • Method of pattern making on a mannequin (pattern draping method), which practiced in world leading fashion houses
  • Marketology in Fashion
  • To run a fashion business



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