Basics of Apparel designing (from the age of 18)



The program is designed for those who are interested in fashion trends and want to gain basic knowledge and skills in this area and to embody their creative ideas in the wardrobe items. We welcome novice designers and students majoring in Design in our course.


Our task is to introduce you the basics of design and the key tools for garment making. Students will be able to develop concepts, learn various methods of cloth designing, including digital ones. They will get an idea of modern materials and technologies for working with textiles. During training, students will have a detailed practice with all stages of creating clothes. The result of training will be a series of practices, presented in finished garments.

Youll learn:

  • Step by step how to design beautiful mood boards for your customer;
  • Calculations and expenses on fabric, fabric characteristics;
  • You will get an assistance in business start-up in the territory of Kazakhstan;
  • You will get introduced to our partners in Paris;
  • Ideas for creating brand logos;
  • You will get acquainted with people for your Business promotion;
  • About the origins of trends; Узнаете откуда берутся тренды;
  • How to deal with customers; Как правильно обслуживать клиента;
  • The difference between atelier, fashion house, studio.

What is included in a course:

  1. Stylistics, an intro class to Fashion design.
  2. Collection designing/ “Mood board” designing
  3. Fashion illustration by patented method of the founder of Laura Design school, Laura Bazarbayevna
  4. Structuring the basis, designing by patented method of the founder of Laura Design school, Laura Bazarbayevna
  5. Modeling:
    - Classic
    - Draping method
  6. Branding / Marketing
  7. Examinations.


Classes in a group: 500 000 tg.

Individual classes: 800 000 tg.

4 hour classes twice a week


If you make a total payment at once, you pay 420,000 tenge instead of 500 000 tg..

Instead of 800,000 tenge. you pay 690 000 tg.

For applying in advance, a pre-payment of 150,000 tenge is necessary for group lessons, 200,000 tenge for individual lessons.

The rest of your payment you make within 3 months of the date of the agreement.

All necessary study materials are provided within a course.

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