Accessories Design



What could be better than creative and high qualitative handmade items? Original handmade accessory will definitely make the difference to the total look! If you are passionate about a creativity and an idea of designing absolute amazing pieces of art, then come and join us! “Accessories Design” course offers you an opportunity to be a part of fascinating and adventurous designing process! 

Accessory design course includes:

— Hairbands. For several years, there has been a trend for headbands, which are transformed every year in shapes and sizes. Under the guidance of a teacher, you can create completely different headbands: simple and concise for everyday wear, or bright and voluminous for a professional photo shoot or event – it all up to your imagination!

Pins. Colourful massive and eye-catching or small and elegant - you will learn how to make original and very beautiful brooches that will become the highlight of your look!

Necklaces. Jewelery on the neck is an accessory that never becomes out of fashion! A necklace is a spectacular complementary to your image that creates completeness, emphasizes style, and sometimes even becomes the main attraction for attention in your outfit. Even the most simple plain dress sparkle with vivid colors, if you add to it a beautiful and original necklace!

Design your own accessories. Dream about creating something specific and already have a design of an item or have seen a picture of a perfect accessory on the internet, but can not find it in a store?  In “Laura Fashion Design School”  you will create your dream accessory using right technics and tools for it!


Anything can be used as a material, but most often we use lace, felt, ribbons, various beads, Czech crystal and and etc. First you need to decide on the idea of a future accessory, then a sketch is created, which is the schematically depicted product on paper, so that you can determine the number of parts, the necessary material and manufacturing techniques; the penultimate stage is the selection of the material, and finally the most creative and most exciting process is that of creating the desired accessory. Your imagination will help you to generate new ideas , that in the course of manufacturing the idea will change and be supplemented, as a result you will get an original, fascinating and unique feature of your image!


DURATION it is up to you

Group classes2 hour classes twice a week

Individual classes2 hour classes twice a week

Cost80 000 tg. If you make an online payment, you pay 70 000 tg instead of 80 000 tg

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